Why E-Cigarettes are better for you

We all know cigarettes are bad for us, its been a well known fact for over 40 years now. I realise that knowing that they are bad and giving them up are two completely different things and so I am always on the lookout for successful quit smoking aids. One option that is coming increasingly popular is switching to e-cigarettes of vapers. Because it can deliver nicotine and mimic the physical characteristics of smoking it seems to be an effective  option for those of us looking to quit. After rea...

The Ultimate Crumpet recipe

This recipe was developed from a simple recipe which wouldn't quite work. I needed to find a recipe because I bought a set of crumpet rings, and needed to try them out. A crumpet ring is very similar to an egg ring, but some 3 - 4 times larger in volume, and about twice as thick. (An egg ring produces a very small and delicate crumpet, but not really satisfying for a real bloke.) Crumpets use a very similiar recipe to muffins (a recipe is attached), except that crumpets are wetter, dry fried ...

Weight Loss – Why Sugar is the Enemy

With the growing obesity epidemic and the high standards of beauty a lot of us feel we have to conform to, losing weight may be a prominent thought at the front of a lot of people’s minds. There are countless diets and fitness plans on the market promising to offer quick and noticeable results but these don’t always work for everyone, and dieters everywhere are left feeling dejected and worse than ever, asking themselves the question; what did I do wrong? The problem very well may be sugar intak...

How Much Sleep is Enough Sleep?

Sleep is one of those things that joins us together as a species, because every single human needs it, regardless of their age, race, gender or nationality. The need for sleep is universal. The problem is that, for something that is a necessity for every human in the world, we don’t know a whole lot about it. We still are not completely sure why we need to sleep although the most common answer is that is offers restorative properties. It is estimated that we spend up to one third of our lives as...

High sugar foods that you didn’t realize you were eating

One of the biggest food and health epidemics facing the world is, the amount of sugar we’re having. Whether it’s natural sugars or artificial sweeteners, having too much can have detrimental effects on your overall health. The problem is, we like food that tastes good and sugar tastes good. This is how sugar has wormed into almost everything we eat, whether you realize it or not. Granola Bars You need a healthy snack? Why not reach for a granola bar? Granola, nuts, sometimes dried fruit...

Does Diet Affect Your Mental Health?

If you are what you eat, then it should make a lot of sense that diet affects your mental health. After all, your neurological and endocrine systems are contained within your body, and they function based on the types of nutrients they gets (or don’t). Your digestive system is also in there, and is quite delicate when you think about it. However, your mental health is not steadfast and requires wholesome fuel in order to work properly. Understanding How Your Body Processes Its Food Before...